Why to book luxury villas in Pattaya with us?

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Why to book luxury villas in Pattaya with us?



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The travel industry has evolved over a period of time and so are the expectations and mindset of every traveller. Staying at hotels was once considered to be the most luxury style of holidaying whereas things have changed after the introduction of independent luxury villas. You can enjoy a more relaxed vacation at private villas that offer independence, privacy and wellness.

Ranging from villas, apartments and penthouses you can choose your classy holiday home in style. Every villa comes with its own private pool, living room, dining, bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, kitchen and garden. For the eager traveller who loves to experience a relaxed vacation with less crowded pools, serene atmosphere, beach front villas, personal chef and more, luxury villas is a home far away from home with more luxury.

Luxury villas tempt travellers with a wide range of options including number of bedrooms, style of the villa, location and others. Private villas on rent is the new fashion in travel and the below points will convince you for a mind-blowing vacation stay in a villa than a hotel.


Unmatched Privacy

Unmatched Privacy

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The privacy offered by luxury holiday homes is unmatched by even the leading hotels around the world. A luxury holiday home offers the entire place for you and your closed ones with guaranteed serenity and peace. The main highlight is there are no nosy neighbors to share space with you.  You can pick your holiday home per your style. The size of the villa (meaning bedrooms) range from one to ten and more so you can choose based on the number of people holidaying.


Unmatched Rates

Unmatched Rates

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Many still assume that hotels provide best prices for luxury stay while travelling. If you are a group of friends or family looking for a long stay, renting a luxury holiday home will go easy on your pockets than a few hotels. Expensive charges for laundry, drink, food and other activities can be easily avoided. With a fully equipped kitchen, pool and other luxury amenities, you are guaranteed a peaceful vacation at attractive rates.


Incredible Locations

Incredible Location

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A definite bonus while booking a luxury villa is the stunning location. Ranging from beachfront villas, ocean facing villas and others you are sure to be blown away with the location. Villas provide secluded locations close to all the happening places than hotels. Although hotels too provide elite locations, the cramped atmosphere tends to spoil the beautiful views.


Unmatched Space

Villa Vesper

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ndoubtedly while staying in hotels it’s jumping from one room to another. Whereas luxury villas offer that key space for a splendid vacation making you feel at home.

Ultimately villas come with open kitchens, splendid living rooms, outdoor pavilions, antique furniture’s, stylish interiors, tropical gardens, balconies, spacious bathrooms and more – all of this without having the need to share the accommodation with strangers.


Personalized Stay


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Hotels can never match the level of privacy that one get to feel while staying in private holiday homes. You get the choice to pick from a wide arrange of villa collections that are tailor made to meet your requirements. Get to enjoy the freedom of waking up late, having your desired food any time, jumping into the pool at any time and spending time the way you love to. You can hire chefs suiting your taste buds and enjoy delicious food in your comfort zone. In hotels you are mostly to find repetitive food menu that grow monotonous in a day or two.

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