Festivals in Goa

Festivals in Goa

Festivals in Goa


Festivals in Goa

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Goa, the harmonious land with a tremendous mix of population, celebrates music, religious, food and dance festivals. Hence, Goa is one land that has festivals all-round the year attracting tourists and providing them with the much needed relaxation.  Dancing and singing are the essentials of every Goan and the state beats with merry. It is indeed a great privilege to witness festivals in Goa and live the life of a typical Goan with dazzling and glamour celebrations. Let’s take a look at some of the fun filled and vibrant festivals in Goa.


Goa Carnival

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This is the most happening and hot festival of Goa, and one of its kind in India. Vibrant colored costumes, dazzling colored streets, brilliant music, soul inspiring event with streets filled with festivity and people floating all over in merry are the main attractions of this festival. The festival is celebrated during February of every year with several events including prize distribution, fancy dress, dances, saw dust fight and more.



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Goa exhibits grandeur like other places during winter as it is the special month of celebrating Christmas, the birth of Jesus Christ. Christmas trees decorate every nook and corner of the streets and the State displays quite a unique picture of itself. Traditional midnight mass, delicious cake and tasty pudding are the highlights of this feast. Churches are decorated with trinkets, Christmas trees, Santa Claus and more portraying the joyous celebration.


Saptah Festival

Saptah festival

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This tribute festival dates back to centuries and is celebrated in remembrance of countless number of people who died due to a sickness that spread all over Vasco. People visit Damodar temple and take part in rituals to seek blessings for a healthy life. This festival is usually held for a week in the month of August.


New Year

New year in Goa

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Goa is the most sought after location for New Year celebrations. With lots of music, fun and frolic, you can welcome New Year like never before. This vibrant festival in Goa is celebrated with church bells, vibrant atmosphere, throbbing drums and more to welcome the birth of a new year. You are free to party all night long or till anytime you prefer with no restrictions.


Grape Escapade

Festival in Goa

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This is a unique festival in Goa which is a popular and unique gourmet celebration that grabs the attention of the world. This festival brings together the wine specialists from around the world to taste the varying flavors of grapes from abroad and India. You get to taste wine, and enjoy watching fashion shows, dance performance, live music and more. The ‘Grape Escapade Queen’ contest, and the ‘Wine Stomping’ session are the major highlights of this feast.


Goa Cultural and Food Festival

Festival in Goa

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 Food lovers will love this festival as it celebrates the traditional Goan curries, Goan fish, Portuguese Vindaloo and more. This festival is one place where you can find top chefs, homemakers, culinary experts and others exhibit their culinary skills. You get to taste a variety of seafood, rice, barbecues, desserts, pasta and more.


Goa Coconut and Cashew Fest

Goa Festival

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Cashew is yet another product that brings great revenue to the Goa. This exciting festival focuses on rare cuisines, rare arts and concoctions. You also get to taste and indulge in some of the exciting activities like coconut breaking, cashew stomping, fenny tasting and exotic cocktails. Do not miss out on the meat filled poi, cashew fenny, rice and Goan curries and a whole lot of seafood.

Sao Joao

Sao Joao

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This festival involves a procession through the streets of Goa. Young people can be seen dressed in lovely colors dancing with crowns of feathers and leaves. This festival revolves around folk dances, fenny, music and fruits. Sao Joao festival is celebrated all over the state and pool parties complete this festival. This is a festival of joy and merry making.


Sunburn Festival

Goa Festival

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 This festival is a celebration for music lovers who travel to Goa from all parts of the world. Sunburn is a minimum three day event with electronic music and dance. Sunburn is a collaboration of music, food, entertainment, lifestyle and shopping that boosts music tourism in Goa and in India. It is usually held on the Calangute beach during December every year.


VH1 Supersonic

Goa Festival

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VH1 Supersonic is a famous beach music festival featuring a wide range of Indian and International artists providing electrifying beats aimed at making you dance your heart out. This festival is normally held on the sands of Candolim beach normally during December.


Shigmo Festival


Shigmo festival is Goa’s Holi celebration. This street festival combined with dance, music, float parade and vibrant colors adds a new vibe to Goa.  Folk performances by the locals portray the everyday life of a Goan . The locals dance in huge processions along the streets of Goa. Traditional costumes, women performing Divli dances, Ghode Modni and Fugdi are some of the major attractions of this festival.  This festival remembers the selfless sacrifice of their ancestors who left homes to fight the intruders.


Goa Mango Festival


 This festival is hosted by the Department of Agriculture celebrating the mango season. Mango varieties are displayed and the best one is chosen as the winner. Mango related products, mango carvings and more are held alongside the famous Konkan Fruit Festival.




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