Nightlife in Goa

Nightlife in Goa

As the sun goes down and star fills the sky, Goa lightens up with neon lights, live music and a wide range of assortments matching every individual’s requirements. The party land has an exciting night life offering a medley of options including charming shacks, thriving nightclubs, party cruise and night markets.

Party hard alongside the beautiful shoreline and shake your legs to the DJ’s or live music playing latest music adding extra vibe to the nightlife. Try your luck at gambling in the casinos playing with individuals from different nations. The dynamic night scene with wild parties is the favorite destination of hippies and party lovers.  Goa Trance is the hub of nightlife with wild parties and mind blowing music.

Things to do in Goa at night

  • Silent noise Party

    Silent Noise Party

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This Goan special party is a unique event slowly gaining grounds in Goa.  With music from various genres including pop music, rock music, trance music and others played via headphones, the guests can dance and showcase their unique moves. You can dance your heart out or simply watch others shaking their legs and grooving on the dance floor. Laughing Buddha is the most popular place in Palolem beach, if you love to witness this party.


  • Night Casinos


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Gambling all night long is legal in Goa, so you can enjoy and have fun like hell. You can choose from gambling between onshore casinos, offshore casinos, resorts, local beaches and upscale hotels. While onshore casinos offer only electronic games, offshore floating casinos dominate the gambling world. Gaming casinos on luxury yachts and cruises offer non-stop entertainment. Some of the popular casinos are MV Caravela, a luxury ship, Deltin Royale Casino and others. Some of the games you can try your hand on are Rummy, Flash, Poker, Teen patti and Black Jack.


  • Party Cruises


    Party Cruises

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Party cruises can never be missed in Goa, as it offers an electrifying experience in the midst of the ocean. You can dance, enjoy your food, or sip your favorite drink. Breathe in the fresh air of the ocean and relish every moment of your journey in the waters. The best time to hit the ocean will be in the evenings during the time of sunset. You can also stay in the cruise overnight and get to enjoy the beautiful sunrise as well.


  • Beach Shacks

    Beach Shacks

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    Goan beaches without shacks are unimaginable. Beach shacks add extra vibe to the beaches as they remain opened from morning till late night. As the night settles in, the shacks brighten up with cocktails, bright lights and music. These beach shacks are safe for families, group of friends, couples and even solo travellers. Having fun on the beach is definitely exciting.

  • Bars and pubs

Pubs and Bars

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With liberal laws and low taxes, you can get your favorite alcohol typically anywhere in Goa. Alcohol is available at all kinds of budget, fitting the requirements of any individual. Beach shacks too come with their own bars, where you can drink in peace. Ranging from small bars to the high end ones, tourists flock in to enjoy the lively ambience and casual vibrating atmosphere.


  • Night clubs


    Night club

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You will find a nightclub in Goa at the corner of every turn that spread instant joy.  It is hard to find a beach devoid of dance and music. You will be spoilt with choices to choose from a variety of alcohol, cocktail and cuisines. Party hoppers are sure to find the beach discos sprawled on the beaches, a blessing. With water, sand, drink, food, music and fun all around you, Goa creates splendid memories to take home


  • Stargazing

Star Gazing

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Simply sitting on the beach and staring at the water and the sky with your partner is a wonderful experience. If you want to be away from loud music, drinks and parties, star gazing is the perfect option.  Steal some hours from the happening city life and enjoy the calm and quiet environment of Goa. You can lie down on the beach, watch the waves move as the gentle breeze brushes against you. Watching the star studded sky is what most couples prefer, as they get to spend some valuable time together.


  • Flea market

    Flea Market

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    Flea markets add to the extra vibe of the excellent Goa nightlife. Shopaholics will find the flea markets interesting, as they sell goods ranging from electronics to musical instruments, jewelry to funky clothes, handicrafts to wall hangings, beachwear to western clothes, spices to pickles, pulses to vegetables and much more. Flea markets are the one stop destination to satisfy your shopping desires. If you are good at bargaining you have won a lottery in Goa.


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