Things to do free in Goa

Things to do free in Goa

Goa, the party land will definitely find a place in every individuals bucket list. This tiny place filled with beaches, restaurants, churches, parties and more holds a few surprises. If you are on a limited budget, there are a few things that can be enjoyed for free. Read further to know more:

Free Sand and Sun

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Waking up to the beautiful sunrise as the waves touch the shores, hopping along the shoreline, taking a lovely dip in the ocean, enjoying a cocktail or reading a book with your feet immersed in the sands or simply gazing at the star studded sky is the definition of a perfect and relaxed holiday with no glamour and glitz. If you are not a party lover, simply hitting the beaches of Goa will transport you to a whole new world of exciting options that can be done for free.  You can choose from the variety of beaches to enjoy the sun and sand along with numerous eateries to favor your tummies. If you love taking home some free souvenirs, take no pain, as you have numerous shells on the beaches to pick from.



Goa boasts of its only Latin quarters in India, the Fontainhas. Sandwiched between the Qurem Creek and Altino Hill, this area is the perfect destination for culture enthusiasts, architecture lovers and history buffs. Influenced with the Portuguese architecture, the Fontainhas streets are filled with colorful cottages of red, blue, green, yellow and orange. Winding streets, tiled roofs and overhead balconies makes you travel back in time.


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When you are here never miss out on the:

  • Maruti Temple
  • Sebastian’s Chapel
  • Gitanjali Art Gallery
  • Phoenix Fountain


Ancient churches

Goa is popular for its churches that have a long history dating back in times.  Most of the churches have an interesting history and are known for their calm and blissful nature. Basilica of Bom Jesus finds a special place in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

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Other churches that are equally popular are:

  • Lady of the Immaculate Conception
  • The Se Cathedral
  • Church of St. Francis of Assisi
  • Augustine Tower
  • Church of St. Thomas


Waterfalls hiking

Waterfall hiking

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The scenic waterfall hiking is at its best during the monsoon season. This season reveals the other side of Goa, were the whole land is fresh with greenery and calm streets. Dudhsagar Falls cascades down the hills, which can be enjoyed from the railway tracks or further high from the hills. Waterfalls offer a fine spectacle with milk like water flowing from up above the hills and the trek to the mountains takes you through a lovely landscape filled with exotic trees and birds. Goa is also home to other waterfalls like:

  • Sada Falls
  • Arvalem Falls
  • Hivre Falls
  • Kesarval Falls


Goan Forts


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Goa has some popular forts on its coastline reminding Portuguese architecture by every inch. Fort Aguada and Fort Chapora are visited by thousands of tourists each day to admire the brilliant architecture. The lighthouse on top of Fort Aguada offers panoramic views of the wide ocean. Your eyes will take you till the point where the sky meets the ocean.


Goa Carnival

Goa Carnival

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Goa Carnival is held every February for a span of three days involving floats, parades, dancing troupes, live bands, fashion shows, DJ nights, music competition and sports competition.  You will also find people dressed in a variety of masks and wacky costumes. Adding to all this, you can take part in the fun for free. There are numerous festivals held in Goa, to entertain the tourists.


Turtle Hunt

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Morjim and Mandrem beaches in the North, Galgibaga and Agonda beaches in South are the nesting grounds of Olive Ridley Turtles. If you like to learn more about them and help save, these beaches are always open. Join hands with NGO’s and take part in conservation of these lovely creatures.

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