A bird’s eye view of Goa

A bird’s eye view of Goa

Goa, is lovingly known as “The pearl of the East”, and as the “Melting pot” of India. With a strong Portuguese culture and a blend of other cultures it is known for its crumbling forts, Gothic churches, coconut groves, palm-fringed beaches, folk music, ferry rides, spirituality, seafood, luxury villas and more. Goa is all about sun, sea, sand, party and shopping. Goa has more feathers to add to its cap, and listed below are a few.

Birds eye view of goa

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The Pilgrimage side of Goa is as famous as its beaches. Goa is home to plenty of religious sites giving you a heartwarming experience. While on a spiritual tour you will encounter thousands of devotees who visit Goa to offer prayers. This small town is filled with small shrines built by the locals. Some of the must visit churches are as follows:
• Bom Jesus Basilica- partially in ruins but still an example for elegance and simplicity.
• Se Cathedral- one of the ancient structures in Goa depicting the Portuguese style brick to brick.

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• Church of St. Francis of Assisi-a heritage building with impressive architecture, stunning paintings and sculptures.
Popular temples:
• Brahma temple-a 5th century temple dedicated to Lord Brahma and is an ancient pilgrim in Goa.
• Mahadev Temple-an ancient temple in Goa designed in Jain style and built during the 12th century.

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• Shanta Durga Temple-a temple with an impressive idol of Shree Durga goddess. She has Shiva and Vishnu on both sides with an interesting history.
Popular Mosques:
• Jama Masjid –with simplicity, elegance and harmonious proportions, this masjid is an important worship place for Muslims.

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• Safa Masjid- one of the oldest and unique mosques in Goa with remains of the Bijapur dynasty.
• Surla Taar Mosque- this mosque has an interesting history with lovely architectures and boundaries.

Luxury villas:
The most sought after stay in Goa are the luxury villas located close to all the happening places. Ranging from beach villas to beach facing villas, with bedrooms ranging from one and above, you have the flexibility of picking the villa you love to stay at. The luxury villas come with a private swimming pool, garden, living room, self-catering kitchen and more. Get to enjoy the luxury life in the tropical land. Some of the popular villas are:

  • Villa Domus – a 4 bedroom super luxury villa with enchanted scenery overlooking the Coco beach.
  • Villa Nags – a 7 bedroom mind-blowing villa close to the Calangute beach with excellent interiors.
  • Villa Infini – a super luxury 5 bedroom ocean facing villa furnished lavishly and surrounded by handpicked personal antiques.

One can never imagine Goa without beaches, fun, water sports, shacks and more. From popular beaches to isolated beaches, pleasant beaches to urban beaches, one can find a beach suiting their individual needs. Some of the popular beaches are:
• Calangute Beach-Queen of beaches and the most popular among tourists.

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• Anjuna Beach- a famous beach known for water activities, coffee shops, café’s, beach bars and more.
• Candolim Beach-a peaceful beach attracting tourists with its serene and tranquil environment.

Goan cuisine is an exotic blend of sea food, spices and a little bit of magic. Food savvy travellers can never get enough of the variety of foods sold right from the top restaurants to the road side shacks. You can also choose to taste from a variety of cuisines including, Indian, Chinese, Continental, Goan and Portuguese. Food in Goa deserves attention and praise. Some of the famous eateries are:
• Pousada on the beach-a casual waterside eatery preparing classic dishes with seafood.

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• La Plage- one of the best places to eat in the midst of bushes and palms.
• Noronha’s Corner- get to taste some authentic Goan foods along with burgers, chicken, cutlet and more.
Goa is equally famous for its flea markets, night bazaar and luxurious shopping malls. With the right bargaining skills you are sure to take home a wide range of lovely products including hammocks, handicrafts, western jewellery, beachwear, souvenirs, trinkets, footwear, musical instruments, wall hangings, wooden crafts, junk jewellery, t-shirts and more. Famous markets are:
• Anjuna Flea market-hippies paradise with a mix of free spirits and natives who earn their living.
• Mapusa market-from chunky jewellery to fresh products sold by farmers can be bought at bargaining rates.

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• Panjim market-a must-visit market with a variety of goods ranging from cashew nuts, wines, local handicrafts, spices and more.
Clubs and Bars:
Nightlife in Goa is the best in India, where after sunset it is filled with great music neon lights, delectable food and more. You can party crazily, play your luck at the casinos or enjoy a beach side party under the stars in Goa.
Popular night clubs are:
• Club Cubana at Calangute Beach- most happening night club with DJs and dance floor with a vast outdoor are and pool.

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• Club Titos at Baga Beach-party with your friends clubbing with alcohol and music.
• Cafe Mambo at Baga Beach-a unique nightclub with live entertainment and international DJs.
Popular bars are:
• Shores Bar-fun loving friendly place to laugh your lungs out.
• Guru bar-a beach venue bar with international snacks and live musicians.

• Britto’s-a perfect place to spend your night time partying hard and treating your taste buds with interesting snacks.
You can never get enough of Goa and the fun it offers every time you visit the place.

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