Goa in December

Goa in December

Visiting Goa in December is probably one of the best decisions one can make in their life. Goa is flooded with tourists at this time of the year to enjoy the year end festivities. Indians from all over the country flock here and so are the English, Russian, German, Finland and French nationals.

Prices of every little thing in Goa are going to be expensive when compared to the monsoon or summer months. However you are going to enjoy the best of everything in Goa right from stay to water activities, food to shopping, music parties to pubs and more. Get geared up to enjoy the wide range of water activities, excellent weather, wide assortment of bars and restaurants with full capacity and best servings , flea markets, night markets  and more.

December is the right time in Goa with unending parties. Beach parties are in full swing during these times with blasting music in all the nightclubs.

December in Goa:


Weather- The weather during this time of the year is pleasant with an average temperature of about 32 degree. The sea breeze is cool and you get to enjoy the best of sunshine during these days. Get that perfect suntan to boast back home.

Beaches- You are sure to witness crowded beaches as people travel from all over the world to celebrate Christmas, weekends and New year. Almost all the beaches in Goa are packed with lively people celebrating every minute of their life. Almost all the water sport activities are active during this time of the year.

Parties- Beach shacks, nightclubs and even on beaches you can find interesting parties after sundown. On invitation you can attend parties like rave, trance, silent and private.

Water Sports- Water sports include speed boat, banana rides, paragliding, water scooters, wind surfing, kayaking, snorkeling and scuba diving. Fishing and river cruising can also be experienced during this time of the year.

Shacks- Beach shacks are fully operational during this time of year. Pick up a sunbed and umbrella for free of cost and enjoy your favorite drinks and food from the shacks. Shacks offer a variety of food varieties including North Indian, South Indian, Konkani, Marathi, Chinese, Punjabi and Continental.

Festivals- Festivals include Christmas, Datta Jayanthi, Mary Immaculate feast, St. Francis Xavier’s Feast, Supersonic Festival, Mando Festival, and Sunburn.

Prices- Prices during this time of the year are likely to be higher in terms of flights, accommodation, bike/car rentals, drinks, food, tattoo, massage and others.


Perks about Goa in December:


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  • Goa experiences best weather in Goa with no rains. Get to spend more hours on the beach with pleasant wind blowing from the ocean. The water temperature is cool and perfect for swimming.
  • All the churches are decorated beautifully and there is festivity all around Goa. Special masses are arranged in all the churches to celebrate Christmas and to welcome New Year.
  • Witness Sunburn the number one electronic music festival that attracts thousands of people from all parts of the world. You can also enjoy the Feast of St. Francis Xavier and Mando Festival.
  • Enjoy the full range of water sport activities and experience the adrenaline lift.


Cons of visiting Goa in December:


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  • Prices are likely to be on the higher side including accommodation, food, parties, drinks, car and bike rentals. If you are on a limited budget visiting Goa during the first two weeks of December will be good.
  • Every nook and corner of Goa is crowded with people and every road side business buzzes with activity. You will come across plenty of foreign nationals who love Goa for its vibrancy.
  • In order to visit the major beaches in North Goa, you more likely will have to wait for about 30 minutes in the traffic. Traffic jams are frequent during these times and one needs to have tons of patience.
  • You are sure to find long queues at all the popular beaches, restaurants, shacks, bars and other tourist places.
  • With so many activities around you, all the streets and beaches will be unclean with less or no privacy at all.


Goa Checklist in December:


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Make sure to carry light and airy clothes to make the best out of the weather. Do not forget on the sunglasses, hats, sunscreen lotion and swimwear.

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