Recommendations for a Perfect Weekend in Goa

Recommendations for a Perfect Weekend in Goa

Goa is a pure tourist destination at heart. The exotic beaches, lip-smacking cuisine, and sleepless nightlife make it a hell of a ride. Apart from being a fun-packed destination, Goa is also a magical place where you can be whatever you want to be and do whatever you want to do, that’s why people try to visit and stay at a beach villas in Goa.

However, for the lucky people in the vicinity of the state, it is more like a weekly escapade where they can cut ties from the fast world and relax. For a place like Goa, it is hard to imagine such a scene as it’s jam-packed with tourist all year. Well it’s true, either you wish to have some me-time or enjoy a weekend road trip with friends, Goa is the perfect place. Below mentioned places confirm-

Dudhsagar Waterfall-

Acclaimed as one of the highest waterfalls in the country, Dudhsagar waterfall is the place of peace and serenity. When people get bored of those noisy speakers and velvety beer, they come here in peace to witness the beauty of his cascade. The name is derived from its milk-like white water falling from the summit of the highest peak. For your weekend we would surely recommend a place like this to warn off all the stress and refuel. People visiting this waterfall tend to stay longer, hence they stay at a nearby Goa Villas.

Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary-

When people are bored with the ocean breeze they look for some other ways to reconnect with nature. Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary is one such alternative. It’s more than a mere wildlife sanctuary, it’s a complete jungle experience, with lush greens and a mini zoo for kids. Just being in such a picturesque ambiance is an experience of another level. The place also offers a rose garden, a deer park, and a botanical garden which is a lot to explore during your limited weekend. Accommodation here is like any other top-notch villas in north Goa.

Terekhol Fort-

This architectural marvel of the 17th century was originally ordered by Maharaja Khem Swant Bhosle of Sawantwadi. It’s basically a tourist spot with the church of St. Anthony being its prime attraction. The church is opened to the public eye only at the annual feast during the month of May. Then the place is unearthly beautiful. Recent renovations have turned the fort into the Fort Terekhol Heritage. With the views of Keri beach ad Terekhol river, it’s like any other luxury villas in Goa. The fort remains open from 9 AM to 7 PM all days of the week.


Located 762 meters above sea level Nersa is a small town situated amidst the Mahadi Valley. The place is covered with lush greenery and acres of groundnut and sugarcane farmlands. The place is perfect for a weekend picnic with your family.

The esteemed class of birdwatchers are photographers will instantly fall for the place. As it homes a total of 950 different species of birds flying around the region. A photographer can get some of the best shots of his life, which the world will remember him for. Other places like Kongla, Abdali, and Bhimgad in a close proximity, a trip here will build a good continuity as a weekend trip runs considerably low on time and you can utilize maximum time exploring.

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